Best 5 Kids Drawing Boards for Budding Artists

So your kid loves to draw. You’ve seen the colorful creations taped up on the fridge and find random doodles all over the house. Looks like you’ve got a budding artist on your hands! To nurture those creative juices, it might be time to upgrade from crayons and printer paper to a proper drawing board.

These specially designed boards offer a sturdy surface for creating masterpieces, along with useful tools to inspire the imagination. In this article, we’ll cover the top picks for kids drawing boards to launch your little da Vinci into a lifelong passion for art. From storage features to paper quality and beyond, we’ll help you find the best fit for your aspiring artist. Time to get sketching!

Best Kids Drawing Boards for Developing Art Skills

When choosing a drawing board for your little artist, consider key features that will nurture their skills and make creating art more enjoyable. Look for these helpful elements:

  • Multi-media versatility – Boards that hold paper securely but also allow kids to draw directly on the surface provide more options for experimenting with different art mediums like markers, crayons, paint, chalk, etc. The smoother the drawing surface, the better.
  • Storage space – Built-in storage compartments allow kids quick access to art supplies while keeping the area neat and organized. This saves time spent hunting down a specific pen or colored pencil.
  • Adjustable angles – Tilting and rotating the board to achieve the optimum drawing angle reduces hand and wrist strain. This allows for longer, more comfortable drawing sessions.
  • Portability – Lightweight boards with carry handles make it easy for kids to transport projects-in-progress or create art anywhere inspiration strikes. Consider battery-powered LED light attachments for extra portability.
  • Durability – Opt for thick, sturdy plastic over flimsier acrylic boards. Though usually pricier, they will withstand years of use and feature smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces.

The best kids’ drawing boards check all these boxes while still fitting your budget. Quality boards designed specifically for budding young artists will have the right features to develop their skills over time. Nurture their artistic confidence with a supportive tool made just for them!

Features to Look for in a Quality Kids Drawing Board

When choosing a drawing board for your little artist, there are a few key features to consider that will impact their enjoyment and development. The goal is finding the right combination of surface, size, and functionality that meets their needs and inspires creativity.

Look for these top qualities in a sturdy kids drawing board:

  • Smooth, non-porous surface – Seek out boards with premium surfaces like plastic, laminate, or finished wood that marker or crayon glides across easily without catching. Avoid porous materials like raw wood that can absorb pigments unevenly.
  • Adjustable angles – Tilting desktop easels allow kids to work at multiple angles which reduces strain while standing or sitting. Models with two or more position options are ideal.
  • Adequate workspace – Make sure the drawing surface, clipped paper size, and surrounding border or ledge offers ample room for your child’s projects, especially if they love large, expressive drawings.
  • Secure paper grip – Boards designed for kids should have thick, adjustable paper clips to keep artwork from slipping and sliding while they work. Spring-loaded clamps that accommodate varying paper thicknesses are very useful.
  • Storage and mobility – Look for drawing boards with trays or compartments to neatly organize art supplies when not in use. Portable, lightweight models with carry handles encourage creativity anywhere inspiration strikes!

Choosing a drawing board suited for your child’s age and skill level will make creating art even more rewarding. Models meeting the above criteria will set them up for success as their abilities progress over time. Most importantly, select one that speaks to their personal style so they’re excited to use it every day!

Kids Drawing Board FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

What type of drawing board is best for kids?

The best kids’ drawing boards provide a solid, smooth surface for creativity without a lot of bells and whistles. Look for boards with thick paper or plastic surfaces that easily accept crayons, markers, paints, etc. Some also have storage compartments which help keep supplies organized.

What size drawing board is good for different ages?

  • Preschoolers: 12” x 18” is a good portable size.
  • Elementary school kids: Approximately 18” x 24” gives more room to create.
  • Older artistic kids: Consider larger surfaces like 24” x 36” for bigger masterpieces.

Should my child’s art desk be angled, flat or vertical?

Angled tabletop drawing boards allow kids to see their work head-on while drawing at a comfortable angle. Flat surfaces work well for mediums like paint. Vertical boards are great for hanging on walls and doors for easy doodling and display.

What safety features should I look for?

  • Smooth, round corners help prevent bruises and injuries.
  • Storage areas keep loose supplies secure.
  • Non-toxic materials are essential, especially for young kids.
  • Some boards have non-slip pads to keep them in place.
  • If purchasing an easel, ensure it has a wide, stable base.

What’s the difference between dry and wet erase boards?

  • Dry erase boards allow drawing with markers that wipe off easily with a dry cloth. Great for reusable practice and play.
  • Wet erase boards require water to remove special crayons or markers, avoiding eraser crumbs. Better for displaying finished art.

Should I get a light pad drawing board?

Light pads allow kids to trace images or their own sketches, promoting hand-eye coordination. The illuminated surface also brings drawings to life with a cool glow. Just know most light pads lack storage.


So go grab some paper and crayons, pull up a comfy chair, and let your mini Matisse or Monet unleash their inner creativity. With one of these kid-friendly drawing boards, you’ll give them an ideal surface to bring their artistic visions to life. And who knows – maybe years from now you’ll be able to say you were there at the start when your little da Vinci first picked up their colored pencils and started doodling their masterpieces. The next great artist could be sitting at your kitchen table right now, just needing the right canvas to make their mark on the world.

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