The Best 5 Kids Drawing Projectors for Budding Artists

You’ve probably seen those cool light-up drawing boards where  Kids Drawing Projector trace awesome images that are projected right onto the page. It’s like magic! If your little one is showing an interest in art, it might be time to grab one of those drawing projectors to nurture their inner Picasso.

We tested a bunch of models to find the very best projectors for unleashing your kid’s creativity. The 3 we picked will turn scribbles into masterpieces in no time. Trust us, with these gadgets, you’ll be framing fridge art in style. So plug one in, grab some markers, and let’s get your mini Matisse going!

Why a Kids Drawing Projector Is a Great Tool for Young Artists

A kids drawing projector offers a fun and engaging way for your little Picasso to explore art. Here’s why it can be an amazing creative outlet:

  • Inspires Creativity: A drawing projector allows kids to easily trace images they find inspiring or interesting. This gives them a starting point to add their own creative details, modifications, and artistry on top of. Seeing a full image emerge can spark all kinds of new imaginative ideas!
  • Teaches Technique: Using a projector introduces concepts like proportions, line weight, shading, textures, balance and shapes in a hands-on way. Kids gain fine motor control and eye-hand coordination from carefully tracing.
  • Builds Confidence: Since the basic image is already there, kids can feel a sense of accomplishment creating detailed artwork. This can motivate them to keep practicing their skills.
  • Offers Versatility: A kids drawing projector opens up so many possibilities to explore art mediums like markers, paints, colored pencils beyond just tracing. Kids can experiment projecting designs onto different materials too.
  • Easy to Use: Modern drawing projectors for kids have child-safe features and a simple user interface. Your mini Matisse will get the hang of operating it quickly!

With the right guidance and encouragement, a drawing projector can unlock any child’s inner artistic abilities. Let their creativity shine!

The Best Kids Drawing Projectors for Every Budget

When shopping for a drawing projector for your budding artist, you’ll find options at every price point. Consider how often your child will use it and which features are most important.

Economical Models Under $50

  • These projectors offer basic functionality to trace images up to about 12 x 14 inches. Look for adjustable brightness and image size. Consider battery-powered models for portability.

Examples: ToyerBee Portable Drawing Projector, LorDacom Drawing Projector.

Mid-Range $50-$150

  • Step up to larger tracing areas from 13 x 19 inches up to 27 x 19 inches. Expect more brightness settings and image rotation. Some include slides to project from books or tablets.

Examples: CoGear 18-Inch LCD Drawing Projector, SINGFUNTracing Light Box.

Heavy-Duty $150+

  • For big projects, these high-end models have the largest projection areas and brightest bulbs. They offer the most adjustability and connectivity options.

Examples: Artograph LightPad930, Anmaser Drawing Projector with HDMI Input.

Consider supplemental light sources, extension cords, and screen drawing paper to make the most of your drawing projector. Guide your child as they trace and encourage their own creative embellishments. With the right tools, you’ll nurture an enthusiastic, artistic mind.

Kids Drawing Projector FAQs: Common Questions About These Fun Devices

What exactly is a kids drawing projector?

A kids drawing projector is a nifty gadget that projects images onto paper or other surfaces. Budding little artists can trace the projected image to create their own beautiful works of art. The light projected outlines an image, while the child colors in the tracing.

How do drawing projectors for kids work?

Most drawing projectors work by inserting a slide or transparency printed with an image into the top of the projector. Some models allow you to project images from a smartphone or tablet. The projector then casts the image onto a wall or piece of paper, which acts as a canvas for tracing and coloring.

What are the benefits of using an art tracing projector?

Drawing projectors are great for boosting artistic confidence in kids. Tracing images helps them create drawings more accurately while learning techniques. It’s also just plain fun to trace their favorite characters and animals! Drawing projectors encourage creativity and self-expression.

What safety precautions should I take?

Take care not to shine the projector beam directly into eyes, as with any bright light. Supervise young children while using. Ensure the projector remains stable while plugged in and the surface being traced onto is secure.

What kind of art supplies do I need?

Drawing paper or canvas, coloring tools like crayons, markers, or paint are perfect pairings! The type of supplies used depends on the child’s interest. Tracing light won’t show up on dark paper, so white or light-colored art surfaces work best.

Using an entertaining kids drawing projector opens up a world of creative possibilities for young artists! With imagination and the right art materials, any image can become a masterpiece.


So in summary, drawing projectors are a great way to spark creativity and inspire young artists. With so many options out there you’re bound to find one that fits your kid’s interests – whether they’re into princesses, superheroes, animals or something else entirely. Just make sure to supervise so they don’t stare into the light. And don’t worry if their drawings don’t look perfect at first, the most important thing is that they’re having fun and exploring their talents. Now go grab some paper and markers and let your mini Matisse or Picasso start creating their masterpieces!

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