Top 5 Kids Drawing Ideas: Fun Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Art

You’ve got a budding Picasso on your hands! But sometimes it’s tricky to keep your little artist inspired. Let’s explore some fun kids drawing ideas to get those creative juices flowing. With a few simple activities and materials, you can turn your living room into an art studio where your child’s imagination takes center stage.

In this article, we’ll cover easy and engaging drawing prompts, games to make art interactive, tips on setting up an art cart, and more. Get ready to see your child light up as they create colorful masterpieces and boost confidence through self-expression. Art time is about to become their favorite time of day!

Easy Kids Drawing Ideas to Spark Creativity

When it comes to getting your kids interested in art, the key is keeping it simple and fun. Focus on creativity over perfection! Here are some easy kid drawing ideas to inspire their inner artist:

  • Shapes – Start with basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles. Let them turn a triangle into a slice of pizza or squares into a robot. This builds confidence.
  • Objects – Have them draw everyday items around the house – toys, pets, furniture. Doing still life sketches of things they know makes it less intimidating.
  • Cartoon characters – Let your child’s imagination run wild by having them develop their own original cartoon characters. Use simple shapes for the body and add fun details.
  • Abstract art – No rules here! Doing abstract finger paintings or splatter paintings with a toothbrush allows free artistic expression.
  • Nature – Go on a nature walk and collect leaves, flowers and sticks. Back home, use these as models for observational drawings. Notice details.
  • Step-by-step tutorials – The internet offers many drawing tutorials breaking complex subjects down into easy basic steps. Great for gaining skills.

The most important things are ensuring your child feels encouraged to experiment and finds fulfillment in the process over the end product. Focusing on fun over perfection is key in developing a lifelong love of drawing. Be your child’s biggest fan!

Fun Drawing Activities and Games for Kids

Kids love to doodle and explore their creativity through drawing. Keep your child engaged with fun art activities and games that will boost their skills and imagination.

  • Shape hunt. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house or neighborhood looking for shapes—circles, squares, triangles etc. Have your child draw each shape they spot. Great for pattern recognition!
  • Draw outside. Sidewalk chalk drawing is always a hit. Let them go crazy decorating the driveway or patio. Painting rocks, sticks and leaves makes an artistic afternoon.
  • Draw with food. Finger painting with pudding, using squeezed out mustard and ketchup to make designs, even “painting” with frozen berry juice are deliciously fun projects.
  • Make it 3D. Play with perspective by drawing shapes on paper then cutting and folding them into 3D sculptures. Use clay, play dough or salt dough for sculpting practice too.
  • Invent a doodle game. Take turns adding to a doodle to make an silly creature, machine or scene. Or play “Doodle Telephone” drawing whispers down the line.
  • Illustrate a story. Have your child draw pictures to accompany a favorite book or make up their own story. Display it like an art gallery.

The key is keeping it playful, with no pressure or expectation other than creativity. Foster your child’s inner artist with activities that feel more like games than lessons. Before you know it their skills will blossom!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Drawing Ideas

How do I know what supplies my child needs?

Start with the basics! Paper, drawing pencils, crayons, and washable markers allow for lots of creative experimentation. As their interests develop over time, add items like watercolor sets, colored pencils, modeling clay, and paint brushes. Quality matters over quantity when selecting art materials.

My child gets frustrated that their drawings don’t look “right.” Any tips?

Remind them that art isn’t about being perfect! Praise their effort and creative choices. Model a growth mindset by focusing on the process, not the end product. Trace their hand or foot so they can decorate it. Print off simple coloring sheets for them to color in the lines. Seeing progress can build confidence.

Are there good drawing apps for kids?

Yes, apps like PaintSpark and Infinite Painter offer digital art experiences with unlimited colors and tools for freeplay. DoodleBuddy is perfect for little hands learning control. Set time limits for app play and balance with off-screen creative time. Guide them in using apps as creative tools, not passive entertainment.

What are easy ideas to get started?

  • Shape drawings – Ask them to only use circles, squares or triangles
  • Silly faces – Outline a funny face for them to color in
  • Paper folding – Simple origami jumping frogs or fortune tellers
  • Texture rubbings – Place paper over objects with interesting textures and rub with crayon
  • Coloring books about their interests – Encourage creativity within the lines

The most important thing is encouraging their natural creativity without judgement. Let them know you value their unique art even when it’s just scribbles and shapes. With patience and praise, they’ll be budding Picassos in no time!

Incorporating Everyday Inspirations

Inspiration is all around your children every day. All you have to do is observe and get creative:

  • Take a walk together and collect leaves, sticks, flowers, feathers, and stones. Then, let your kids collage with glue on paper or get messy fingerpainting with the natural materials.
  • Bake cookies and let them draw the aromatic treats before gobbling them up.
  • Cloud gaze out the window on a lazy day. What shapes and objects can you find in the sky? Recreate them with crayons and markers.
  • Host an at-home picnic with favorite stuffed animals. Challenge your kids to draw each friend joining the fun.
  • Make hand and foot prints with tempera paint on butcher paper. Discuss the beautiful uniqueness of every shape and size.
  • Using sidewalk chalk, have your child draw their dream playground right on the driveway or a sidewalk. Get creative with slides, monkey bars and more!

Inspiration for art is all around us in everyday moments. Slow down, get creative together, and let your child’s inner artist shine through! What might you notice today that could make a great still life drawing or painting?


So there you have it, folks – plenty of awesome, creative ways to get those little aspiring artists pumped up about drawing. It doesn’t matter if you can barely manage stick figures yourself. The most important things are to encourage their self-expression, praise their efforts, give them cool supplies to work with, and have fun together. Let their imaginations run wild across the page. Doodling is good for growing minds and souls. And who knows – maybe you have a budding Picasso or Matisse on your hands! Just remember, it’s not about judging outcomes. The joy is in the creating.

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